Welcome to Tech Savvy Credit Repair. We have re-branded, gone nation wide, and have a staff of over 800 credit agents to help you. Imagine a credit dispute system where there were no letters. Imagine technology doing all of the work AND you being able to keep track of the communication between the software and the credit bureaus? Seriously, think about it. How cool would that be, to be able to baby sit the company that is actually working on your behalf?

Well, that is us.We run the most technologically advanced credit repair system in America. Our results prove it time and time again as seen on our client results/before & after tab up top. The days of sending out dispute letters are over. (If you contact another company that still does dispute letters, that should be your red flag). Everything is done online now at the click of a few buttons. That benefits our customers because it allows you to monitor us. Yes, we allow you to have access to your own credit file all in real time. You’ll receive updates once an account has changed status or has been removed. Our software syncs directly to the credit bureaus, so our updates happen faster and so do our deletions. (This gives you peace of mind that we are actually working on your behalf).

Our system doesn’t care if you have something as major as a Bankruptcy to something as small as a medical bill. Why is that? Well, it’s because software has no feelings. It doesn’t care your race, your background, how you grew up, and who you voted for. It only cares about data. And if you think about it, that is all your credit report is. Data. Data that has been reported by a 3rd party. The days of having a human work your credit are over. Now, obviously we have to run the system, but we physically never touch your credit report. EVER. We just process disputes on your behalf using technology.

What takes most companies 6 months to 1 year to achieve, we are doing it in 45 days. Don’t believe it? Again, please visit our before/after tab up top.

All of our results are permanent. Meaning, if a deletion occurs, it will NOT show back up on your credit report at a later date. We also back up our results with a $1000 money back refund policy. We put that refund policy in place to let you know that we put all of the pressure of performing on ourselves. You win either way. If we don’t fix your credit, you get rich off of us.

We are averaging a 50% deletion rate after just 45 days. If you enroll in our 6 month program, we average closer to a 80% deletion rate. (Keep in mind that every credit report is different, so we must apply our action plan specifically for you).

Our credit consultations are FREE. Once we review your reports, we’ll be able to devise your action plan at that point.

Look, we understand admitting you have credit problems is embarrassing. We get it, we really do. But look, you have to get over it. We don’t pass judgement on any of our customers. We just do what we do best. Get results.


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